The Outer Library playlist for 07/06/2011

Gross MagicCan't Ignore my Heart*
Gang Gang DanceMindKilla*
Elite Gymnasticso m a m o r i*
CSSHits me like a rock
End of Set 1
Cloudy BuseyBroken By Inertia*
Bermuda BonnieA Rocket Pilot
Expensive LooksVanishers
End of Set 2
Great MarbleLouiston*
NursesFever Dreams
Lizzy Mercier DesclouxLarousse Baron Bic
End of Set 3
John MausHead for the Country*
The DreamsAloha Miami*
Hooded FangESP*
Zola JesusVallel
End of Set 4
Lower DensBlue and Silver*
Majical CloudzFransisco*
Computer MagicIn So Many Ways
Twin SisterBad Street
End of Set 5
Echo LakeAnother Day
GoldendustAfter the Smoke Grew Thick*
Chelsea WolfeMer
End of Playlist

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