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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 06/28/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Pike Cavalero & the Gentle BandolerosCrazy Train BoogieJust A Matter Of Manners*Sleazy
Newport NomadsBlue MallardDiggin' Out!Mr. Manicotti
Olive Vee & the ShamrocksHold Me BabyJump Cats, It's WildTail
DazzlersSomethin' Baby7"Lee
MatadorsWobble Wobble7"Forbes
Juke Joint PimpsBoogie 65Boogie The Church Down*Voodoo Rhythm
Midwest BeatSister Mary KatherineGone Not Lost*Dusty Medical
SatellitersShake Shake Shake7"*Hey Girl!
Arscene ObsceneRock Sauvage7"*13 O'Clock
Arsen RouletteSpinning AroundDear You*El Toro'sThree Cool ChicksBomb The TwistSFTRI
Wise GuysJumpin' RecordStay Cool!*
Missing MonumentsShe's Like XTCPainted White*Douchemaster
Love BoatWooden SpoonLove Is Gone*Alien Snatch
Hillbilly HuxtersHillbilly BluesThe Hillbilly Rock And Roll Show*Wild Hare
Flying Phantom & his Flaming StarsNothing At Alls/tTimberbarn
WildwindHey Little MamaLift Off*Foot Tappin'
JetzDo You Think That's Funny TooThe Anthology 1977-1979*Queen Mum
MasonicsGun-Diddy-I-DieIn Your Night Of Dreams And Other Foreboding Pleasures*Dirty Water
Wild Billy Childish & the MBE'sSnack CrackPunk Rock At The British Legion HallDamaged Goods
ZerosMain Street Brat7"Last Laugh
Midnight SnaxxxJackie7"*Total Punk
Heavy CreamUnique New YorkDanny*Infinity Cat
GooeysScary Black Cherry Nap7"*Mammoth Cave
HeadShe's My Woman7"Evil Clown
SpitsKill The KoolKill The Kool*In The Red
First BaseIf I See You With That Girl Again (I'm Gonna Kill You)demo*no label
Johnny Notebook & the GigabytesRochnroll-Treppes/t*No Front Teeth
Los PeyotesGaraje O MuerteGaraje O MuerteDirty Water
VenereansFugitive Family (United Mutation)Future Primitive*Discos Humeantes
ReplacementsCarelessThe Early Mats*no label
Night BirdsPrognosis: NegativeFresh Kills*Grave Mistake
SleazeCalled You Once7"*Total Punk
DivorcedNothing To DoSeparation Anxiety*Untapped Resources
Jerk AlertPrimitive Fucks7"Eradicator
Fuck KnightsILet It Bleed*Dirty Water
Baddat For TrubbelDom Sager Att7"*Ken Rock
ReatardsNot Your ManTeenage Hate*Goner
Useless EatersVile Nation 2Daily Commute*Tic Tac Totally
Los ExplosivosEl QuierePrimeras Grabaciones*Boss Hoss
Bed Wettin' Bad BoysNobody Else7"*RIP Society
CreamersModern Day7"*Jolly Dream
PupilsSteal My Hearts/t*Les Disques Steak
Fuckin' BoneshakersHey Girl You Know What To DoMCMXCV Masturbation Sessions*Certified PR
Scrotum PolesRadio Tay7"*One Tone/Dulc-I-Tone
ProtexI Can't Cope7"Polydor
HatepinksTet Malade/Sick In The HeadTet Malade/Sick In The HeadTKO
Gary with a circle around the AUsed Carsdemo*no label
PhotoboothKill The Weekend7"Raw Deluxe
Woven BonesSome Call It A GraveMinus TouchZoo Music
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey BirdsAt The Ruin Of OthersGorilla Rose*In The Red
CarbonasForget MeScene KillerChampagne Velvet
Log JammersHit 37"*No Patience
GearsHeartbeat BabyRockin' At Ground ZeroPlaygems
Acid Baby JesusHospitals7"*Slovenly
Happy ThoughtsOne More Fishs/t*Hozac
TunnelrunnersWords7"Sonic International
ShirksProstitution Summer7"*Grave Mistake
Knife FightBoredom7"*Aarght!
GaggersRip You ApartRip You Apart*Dead Beat
HygieneThings To DoPublic Sector*La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk
Electric VomitBoredom Abolishing7"Garbage Bag
OutdoorsmenSummer Of HateSummer Of Hateno label
Fun ThingsI Ain't Got Time Enough For Love7"Full Scale Attack
Devil DogsBall Me Outs/tCrypt
Moralens VaktareMoralens Vaktare7"*Roda Sten
OBN III'sHeavy Heart7"*Tic Tac Totally
Hidden CharmsBlackout Attitude7"Squoodge
GG KIngName In LightsEsoteric Lore*Rob's House
Final SolutionsEat Shit7"Therapeutic
Golden StaphLast Caesars/t*RIP Society
TyvekTime Changes7"*Les Disques Steak
German SSHollow7"*Kryptonite

primitive fucks!