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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 05/31/2011

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Dean CarterBoppin' The BugCall Of The WildBig Beat
Kenny OwenI Got The Bug7"Poplar
BrentwoodsDo The Bug With Me7"Telstar
Gene MaltaisThe Bug7"Regal
Gene the HatPass The Bug7"Deauville
Barry Wilson & the CamelotsThe Bug7"Dot
UrinalsI'm A Bug7"Happy Squid
Kitty, Daisy & LewisI'm Going Back7"*Sunday's Best
Handsome BrothersCuddle And Kiss7"Tail
HaskilsTaking The City By Storm7"Hits
TelefonesShe's In Love With The Rolling Stones7"VVVV
Gary with a circle around the AUsed Carsdemo*no label
MagnetixKing Rat BopThe Magnetix Amazing First Album*Crazy Love
Bloodshot BillPuppy Dog LoveThunder And Lightning*Norton
Useless EatersTake Advantage Of MeDaily Commute*Tic Tac Totally
Piccadilly BullfrogsI Could Have Been SomebodyHoppers, Boppers And Rockers*Rhythm Bomb
Pace-SettersHeads Up7"Ava
Terry DeanBus StopGet LostZerox
Larry BrightTwinkie Lee7"Rendezvous
WildtonesI Believe7"*Racketeer
VenereansTerminal BeachFuture Primitive*Discos Humeantes
StainsJohn Wayne Was A Nazi7"R-Radical
Tramp BandDon't Send Me Home7"
Cola FreaksJeg Et Problem7"Black Water
UsersSick Of YouKicks In Style*Rave Up
PupilsWe Are The Pupilss/t*Les Disques Steak
SkunksEarthquake Shake7"Skunks
Knife FightUgly7"*Kato
Happy ThoughtsOne More Fishs/t*Hozac
GG KingName In LightsEsoteric Lore*Rob's House
ReatardsCarot Belly Bunny BluesTeenage Hate*Goner
Total ControlStare Away7"Aarght!
OutdoorsmenShe Wants To Go Steady7"*Psychic Handshake
Chinese BurnsRohypnol7"Leather Bar
GaggersFix Me UpRip You Apart*Dead Beat
Baddat For TrubbelSnalla Snalla7"*Ken Rock
ShirksProstitution Summer7"*Grave Mistake
German SSAir Raid7"*Kryptonite
TelecommandePanique Devant L'encran7"*Leather Bar
HygieneOffice JobPublic Sector*La Vida Es Un Mus Discos Punk
People's TempleAxe ManSons Of Stone*Hozac
Indian WarsA Simple Mistake7"*Goodbye Boozy
Hubble BubbleLook Arounds/tSinus
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey BirdsBo Bo BoogalooGorilla Rose*In The Red
Ugly BeatsMaximum Bumble7"*Hillsdale
Doctor ExplosionTe DelatasHablaban Con Frases Hechas*Boomerang
Angel SlutsThat's What I Say7"*Fat Sandwich
SonicsStrychnineHere Are The...Jerdan
Jack Of HeartEureka7"*Slovenly
Scrotum PolesHelicopter Honeymoon7"*One Tone/Dulc-I-Tone
BuzzSick At Heart7"*Red Ball/Sing Sing
OBN III'sLicense Plate7"*Tic Tac Totally
Red MassSuicide7"*Certified PR
Rough KidsExhausted7"*No Glory
Dow Jones & the IndustrialsSet Yourself On FireHoosier HysteriaGulcher
Women In PrisonBirth Of Rot7"*Hozac
Grimm Ltd.One Ugly ChildGet LostZerox
Radio ExilesWalk Away7"*Psychic Volt
Jackie Shark & the Beach ButchersMary Lou7"Snotty Nose
Digger & the PussycatsWhat's It To YouDIYSpooky
Davila 666PatitasTan Bajo*In The Red
Johnny Notebook & the GigabytesDie In The Citys/t*No Front Teeth
NumbersSunset Strip7"Able Label
Thought CriminalsFun7"Double Think
Liquid StoneHere Comes The Weekend7"*Liquid Stone/Sing Sing
Chopper ChicksTalent Is A Crimes/tMis Cojones Underground
HomostupidsR CompanionStrawberry Orange Peach Banana*Fashionable Idiots
Wild Billy Childish & the Buff MedwaysKaren With A CMedway WheelersDamaged Goods
DoubtLook Away7"Solo

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