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The Outer Library playlist for 04/27/2011

Cold CaveUnderworld USA*
Xray EyeballsEgyptian Magician*
RailcarsSaints are Waiting*
Rainbow ArabiaJungle Bear
End of Set 1
RailcarsThere is ice, it is blue
RailcarsBohemians without sea
Fugiya and MiyagiVentriloquizzing
Computer MagicThe End of Time
End of Set 2
Fever FeverTeeth*
BesterSo Low
The GratesCarve your name*
End os Set 3
AustraLose It*
Echo ShadeFlourescent Nights*
SeaponyBlue Star*
John MausBeliever*
End of Set 4
Keep Shelly In AthensSong to Cheer You Up
Secret CitiesThe park
Jesse RuinsDream Analysis
TwinsMy Body (Lies 2 Me)
End of Set 5
Candy ClawsSunbeam Show
Youth LagoonCannons
Sleep OverCasual Diamond
End of Playlist

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