8/4 6-8 PM: Caroline Hirsch, Gillian Armstrong and Alexandra Pelosi on Sounds of Film

Comedy Queen Caroline Hirsch, Australian Director Gillian Armstrong and Documentary Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi will be this week's guest on Tom Needham's the Sounds of Film.

For more information, visit http://www.longisland.com/news/08-03-16/caroline-hirsch-gillian-armstrong-alexandra-pelosi-interview-sounds-of-film.html 


The 2016 WUSB BENEFEST is a two day music festival, being hosted by Katie’s of Smithtown, to help raise operating and equipment funds for Long Island’s largest non-commercial radio station, WUSB 90.1 FM. Thirty Seven bands, and solo artists will be performing to help support the station that has played their music, and the music of countless others for the past 39 years!


Thursday, 7/28, 6 PM: Salman Ahmad and Dr. Larry Brilliant on Sound of Film

Rock Star Salman Ahmad and producer, Dr. Larry Brilliant, will be joining Tom Needham on the Sounds of Film this Thursday at 6 P.M. on WUSB. They will be speaking about their work on HBO's Open Your Eyes, a heartfelt and uplifting documentary about doctors restoring sight to villagers who have been blind for decades in Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

For more information, visit http://www.longisland.com/news/07-27-16/salman-ahmad-dr-larry-brilliant-...

Ralph Macchio and Bobby Rydell Join Tom Needham on the Sounds of Film - July 21

Long Island's Ralph Macchio and music legend Bobby Rydell will be Tom Needham's guests this Thursday (7/21) on WUSB's The Sounds of Film. 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Ralph Macchio is a popular actor known for his starring roles in the Outsiders, My Cousin Vinny and three Karate Kid movies. He first rose to fame on television's Eight is Enough. In 2011, he surprised fans when he placed fourth on Dancing with the Stars. His latest role is on HBO's Deuce.

Legendary singer Bobby Rydell will also be a guest on the Sounds of Film. Bobby Rydell is well-known for his amazing string of 34 Top 40 hits including "Wild One", "Kissin Time", "We Got Love" and "Volare.

For more information - visit: http://www.longisland.com/news/07-19-16/ralph-macchio-bobby-rydell-inter...

Cast of Richard Linklater's "Everybody Wants Some" Talkin' Baseball with Tom Needham on the Sounds of Film

Everybody Wants Some's Glen Powell and J. Quinton Johnson, and directors John Putch and Lee Wilkof, whose films are playing at the Stony Brook Film Festival, will be Tom Needham's special guests this Thursday (7/14) at 6 P.M. on WUSB's The Sounds of Film.

There will be two screenings at the Stony Brook Film Festival.

For more information, visit: http://www.longisland.com/news/07-12-16/glen-powell-j-quinton-johnson-jo...