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WUSB 20th Annual Reggae Marathon

Summer's here and the time is right, for three straight days of reggae music on WUSB!  The Reggae Marathon will feature The No Sound Test crew, DJ Lister, DJ Tony Stir and a whole slew of guests and special hosts as they play for you everything and anything Reggae for 3 whole days. This year's Reggae Marathon will be celebrating its 20th anniversary so there will be tons of surprise guests and performances.

Tune in Thursday July 4th at 10pm to "No Sound Test" for the start of the marathon and stay put (or dance your ass off) until Sunday July 7th 11:59PM.

P.S. If you love the Reggae Marathon and enjoy listening to it year-after-year, why not make a pledge of support?  Not only does every pledge help WUSB but you'll also get cool swag!