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Haiti Special: Saturday Februray 27th

On Saturday Februray 27th, WUSB will be focusing it's attention on the music and culture of Haiti. Last month, on January 12, a devastating earthquake struck southern Haiti leaving a catastrophic payload. Buildings were grounded, power lines were destroyed and many lives were lost. Many survivors have been left injured and homeless. It was the most powerful Earthquake to hit Haiti in over a century. An air of chaos is still present in the country, where recovery is slowly beginning to take form.

This is where you, the WUSB listener, can lend a hand. All day and night on Saturday, WUSB DJs and guests will be playing Haitian music and discussing all aspects of the Haitian culture. Join us as we take you through a magical journey of musical richness and cultural depth that illustrate its history and will drive the future of Haiti. We will be urging you to donate money to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund , Yele Haiti and the American Red Cross .

Every contribution is valued and appreciated. The people of Haiti need your help. The WUSB listener community is a powerful and potent force. Although many of us are concentrated in the Long Island, New York City, and Connecticut area, we have many listeners around the country and the world. We've done amazing things before, let's do it again! With so much gloom and bad news surrounding us everyday, let's be the light that illuminates a path through the thick and heavy fog.

Once again, that's Saturday Februray 27th, all day and night from 12am to 11:59pm. Schedule will be posted soon. For more information, please use the contact link above and to the left.