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Behind Pop Culture playlist for 01/01/2010

Vegas TemperShotgunwww.myspace.com
Tongue Dried SunNothing Morewww.myspace.com
Red Jumpsuit ApparatusYou Better Praywww.myspace.com
Dinosaur Jr.Over Itwww.myspace.com
The Steakhouse MintsIf I Were Presidentwww.youtube.com
MewRepeater Deaterwww.myspace.com
Madison ProjectMaster's Flyingwww.myspace.com
Reigning SoundStick Up For Mewww.myspace.com
Bruce SpringsteenMy Lucky Day
JETGoodbye Hollywood
Fires of RomeSet in Stonewww.myspace.com
The RaconteursConsoler of the Lonelywww.myspace.com
Spring TigersJust Suggestingwww.myspace.com
CassavetesSeek Coverwww.myspace.com
Jupiter OneVolcanowww.myspace.com
Invisible KidThe Shadow Academywww.myspace.com
The Jet AgeI'm Starting To Wonderwww.myspace.com
The ToadiesNothing To Cry Aboutwww.myspace.com
MudhoneyI'm The One
The ShagbotsBlank Slatewww.myspace.com
Foo FightersBaker Street
Peter FramptonBlack Hole Sun

Best of 2009 and two awesome covers.