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Friday, Oct 7 6:00 PM: Melinda Snodgrass Interview with Captain Phil

Melinda Snodgrass is the author of the Edge series, a contemporary fantasy that explores the tensions between science and rationality and religion and superstition. Also her new series The Imperials Saga is described as a Space Opera with a social conscience.

Melinda's television work includes script editor on Star Trek The Next Generation season 2 and 3
where she wrote The High Ground , The Ensigns of Command, Up the Long Ladder and The Measure of a Man. She also wrote the teleplay for the episode Pen Pals

Her other TV credits include Profiler, LA Law, Beyond Reality, Reasonable Doubts, Seaquest 2032, Odyssey 5 and the 1990's version of The Outer Limits.

In the 1980s Melinda and collaborator George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones) created the shared world anthology Wildcards which focuses on what the real impact of super heroes would be in our world.

We'll be asking her about the new Wildcards movie script for Universal pictures, how the Wildcards series began in the 1980s, her work on Star Trek and her current series of novels. Hopefully we will have time as well to ask her about her work in the oil and gas industry and how they frackked some test wells in the 1960s!

Always a fantastic convention guest and a wonderful speaker I'm looking forward to talking with

Melinda for the hour and I'm sure you will too! If you'd like to submit questions prior to the broadcast please do that on the facebook page for the interview here: