Spiney Norman playlist for 02/24/2009

Bran FlakesHi*
Billy Larkin and the DelegatesPigmy Pt. 1
Sex MobPygmy Suite
ChainoPigmy Song
Baby Sticks and the King-TonesPigmy
Bran FlakesStumble Out of Bed*
Mistress Stephanie and Her Melodic CatGet Off My Chest*
Nous Non PlusLa Momie*
Small WonderBlack Sheep
T-Rex20th Century Boy
ChantelsSwamp Water
Kay MartinSwamp Girl
Jim StaffordSwamp Witch
Joe Cuba SextetEl Pito
PsappSomewhere There Is a Record of Our Actions*
Cliff EdwardsNight Owl
Bobby LovelessNight Owl
The ChampsNite Owl
Little PicturesOwl+Owl
Dead KennedysI am the Owl
John Fred and His Playboy BandNight Owl
Bran FlakesVan Pop*
BPAHe's Frank*
Insect SurfersRazor Back*
Syndicate of SoundLittle Girl
The JadesLittle Girl
John and JackieLittle Girl
MutantsDR. Gedup*
Hubble BubbleDown the Downgrade
The DecksFebruary*wusb.fm
Star ShooterQuelle Crise Baby
Star ShooterPin Up Blonde
LeftoversI Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do
Mad MagazineShe's Got a Nose Job
Dear NoraMake You Smile*
Vox JaguarsSwagger*
VainsThe Loser
FeedersStop You're Killing Me
I FantomaticiSputnick*
SparklesOh Girls Girls
ClashTommy Gun*
ClashLondon Calling*

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