K-Spot playlist for 02/20/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
four year strongtakeoverrise or die trying
the rocket summeri was so alonehello, good friend
the vox jaguarsswaggerthe vox jaguars*
latvian radiosuzy singableseven layers of self defense*
nous non pluslolimenagerie*
vulture whaleteddyvulture whale*
howliessea leveltrippin' with the howlies*
the von bodiesthis is our perfect crimelove, hate, and then there's you*
franz ferdinandulyssestonight*
black golddetroitrush*
hot pandait's worth eight dollarsvolcano...bloody volcano*
yves klein bluenot what i wantdraw attention to themselves*
matt and kimcutdowngrand*
kyle andrewsblow it outreal blasty*
mindless self indulgenceevening wearevening wear*
this town needs gunspandaanimals*
audrye sessionswhere youll find meaudrye sessions*
el goodoaren't you grandel goodo*
vetivereverydaytight knit*
plushgunhow we rollpins and panzers*
sick of sarahnot listeningsick of sarah*
killolaall of my idols are deadi am the messenger*
oh no not stereobrothersoh no not stereo*
fake problemsthe dream teamit's great to be alive*
the red jumpsuit apparatuspleads and postcardslonely road*
new found gloryright where we left outnot without a fight*
don't let her pull you down
two tongueswowee zoweetwo tongues*
a day to rememberhomesickhomesick*
four year strongbeatdown in the key of happyrise or die trying
valenciasafe to saywe all need a reason to believe
artist vs. poetinfallible remedyartist vs. poet*
goota lot to learnarranged noise
ace endersreactionsecret wars
jack's mannequincrashinthe glass passenger
the starting linehurrydirection