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K-Spot playlist for 02/13/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
four year strongthe takeoverrise or die trying
the rocket summeri was so alonehello good friend
four year strongabandon ship or abandon all hoperise or die trying
oh no not stereolets get it startedoh no not stereo*
red jumpsuit apparatusno spelllonely road*
two tonguesi could make you do thingstwo tongues
back against the wall
even if you dont
reel big fishbrown eyed girlfame, fortune, and fornification*
kyle andrewssushireal blasty*
hot pandai tried very hardvolcano...bloody volcano*
franz ferdinandturn it ontonight*
nous non pluslolimenagerie*
misfitsdie die my darling
sick of sarahdaisiessick of sarah*
latvian radioseven layers of self-defneseseven layers of self-defense*
miniature tigerslike or like liketell it to the volcano*
audrye sessionsjem me offaudrye sessions*
ida mariai like you so much better when youre nakedep*
vox jaguarssong for the girlvox jaguars*
my brightest diamondtainted loveguilt by association*
matt and kimdont slow downgrand*
turnt his boat around*
elusive parallelpgramsclosureand everything changes*
the von bodiesmy 21st birthdaylove hate and then theres you*
the magnificentscant explodeyear of explorers*
anarborlove insteadthe natural way
foo fighterslowone by one
the reservebelieve*
armor for sleeprun right back insmile for them
fake problemsthe dream teamits great to be alive*
tom gabelcowards sing at nightheart burns
the little onesall your modern boxesmorning tide