Spiney Norman playlist for 08/12/2008

WindmillPastic Pre-flight Seats*
Apollo Sunshine666: The Coming of the New World Government*
Experimental Dental SchoolObscene Back Porch Floating*
NethersEsprit de Nethers*
SJ EsauFrustrating*
Paul WellerEchos Round the Sun*
Song CorporationKiss a Lil' Woman*
BittersweetThe Bomb*
Teresa ZapolskaWe're the Girls
They Might Be GiantsFamous Person Polka
PolkaholicsPolka Can't Die
Schmenge BrothersCabbage Rolls and Coffee
PolkaholicsWho Stole the Kishka?
PolkaholicsPimps of Polka
Slava KunstLucifer in Ciolis
Diplomats of Solid SoundBudget Fro*
Johnny ThunderI'm Alive
The MeritsArabian Jerk
The FlairsShake Shake Sherri
Natalie Portman's Shaved HeadBeard Lust*
NegativelandLying on the Grass*'sMr. Lee
Venus Flytrap One Girl BandThis Girl Is a Mess*
FredovichFeelin' Bad Today*
Dead Elvis and His One Man BandDeadman*
Made For Chickens By RobotsGot Shine*
Bloodshot BillNaughty Girl*
Bloodshot BillOne Night Stand*
Haunted GarageWeeks in a Casket*
OttoboyKiller Cocktail Party*
ChucklefootOne Man Bandwww.youtube.com
Mississippi GroverLiving Bride*
Sherrif Perkins and His One Man BandJust One Date*
Made For Chickens By RobotsNugget*
Bloodshot BillIce Cream*
VandalsMohawk Town
Vic ReevesI remember Punk Rock
Geza XI Hate Punks
Bad BrainsHow Low Can a Punk Get
Television PersonalitiesPart Time Punk
Adam and the AntzPunk in the Supermarket
PowersoloDans Les Rues de Paris*
Ed Gein's CarToo Old To Die Young
Cute LeppersIt's Summertime Baby*
DOAThe Prisoner

Music with Spiney Norman. Interview with Teresa Zapolska. Interview with Donny Vomit from Coney Island Side Shows. Music of one man bands.